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venice_boat.jpg (76,274 bytes) venice_boat2.jpg (74,158 bytes) Views from the boat to Venice.
venice_bridge.jpg (135,079 bytes) venice_museum_inside.jpg (129,191 bytes) View from the Bridge of Sighs, next to the huge Venitian Museum.
venice_pigeons.jpg (130,956 bytes) venice_museum.jpg (120,018 bytes)

Stupid pigeons in St. Mark's square.

venice_tower_view1.jpg (168,805 bytes) venice_tower_view2.jpg (185,341 bytes) venice_tower_view3.jpg (160,086 bytes)
venice_tower_view4.jpg (124,648 bytes) venice_tower_view5.jpg (80,125 bytes) venice_tower_view6.jpg (180,158 bytes)

This tower in St. Mark's square had an elevator! Amazing! In the view of St. Mark's square, the big dots are people and the little dots are, of course, pigeons.

venice_tower.jpg (98,281 bytes)

venice_hotel.jpg (142,964 bytes) venice_monastery.jpg (120,571 bytes) Our hotel, and the monastery next to it.
venice_dinner1.jpg (99,260 bytes) venice_dinner2.jpg (101,534 bytes)
venice_dinner3.jpg (81,635 bytes) venice_dinner4.jpg (83,732 bytes)
Venetian dinner, featuring an accordion player who kind of looks like Babe Ruth. In the bottom right photo, Graham is about to bite Filo's fingers off.
venice_gondola1.jpg (81,087 bytes) venice_gondola2.jpg (78,526 bytes) venice_gondola3.jpg (95,813 bytes)
venice_gondola4.jpg (93,046 bytes) venice_gondola5.jpg (80,325 bytes) venice_gondola6.jpg (68,891 bytes)
venice_gondola7.jpg (118,862 bytes) venice_gondola_passing.jpg (87,895 bytes)
The gondola ride aboard the "Orlando." That's the back of the gondola to the left of my neck, not an earring! The last picture on the bottom right shows a passing gondola.