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rome_spanish_steps.jpg (154,021 bytes) rome_spanish_steps2.jpg (147,734 bytes) The Spanish Steps (somewhere under all those people) and a fountain at the base of the steps.
rome_colonna_traiana.jpg (85,885 bytes) rome_oblesk.jpg (55,992 bytes)
rome_oblesk2.jpg (76,979 bytes) rome_oblesk3.jpg (62,976 bytes)
The Colonna Traiana at the upper left, and various other obelisks.
rome_pantheon.jpg (102,982 bytes) rome_pantheon_inside2.jpg (127,559 bytes)
rome_pantheon_inside.jpg (136,578 bytes) rome_pantheon_inside6.jpg (98,708 bytes) rome_pantheon_inside5.jpg (81,138 bytes)
rome_pantheon_inside3.jpg (93,322 bytes) rome_pantheon_inside4.jpg (74,984 bytes)

The Pantheon. Yep, there's a big hole in the ceiling. In the center picture, you can see the speaker behind the podium. He spent most of his time coughing and clearing his throat.

rome_fountain.jpg (115,286 bytes) rome_fountain2.jpg (116,146 bytes) The Trevi Fountain. Toss in one coin for good luck, and another coin for your return to Rome!
rome_il_tempo.jpg (69,410 bytes) rome_building.jpg (100,405 bytes) Some buildings of which I can't remember the significance. I think the one on the right serves some governmental purpose.
rome_statues.jpg (64,590 bytes) rome_statues2.jpg (82,339 bytes)
rome_dinner.jpg (122,928 bytes) rome_dinner2.jpg (91,657 bytes)
Piazza Navona, where we had dinner. On the lower right, Pizza Navona! The ultra-thin pizza was actually cheaper than my wine!
rome_vittoriano.jpg (105,232 bytes) rome_vittoriano2.jpg (82,408 bytes) Vittoriano, a monument to the first king of Italy.
rome_arch_costantine.jpg (146,301 bytes) rome_arch_costantine2.jpg (121,626 bytes) So many arches. This is the Arch of Costantine, built in 315 AD, near the Colloseum.
rome_vatican_museum7.jpg (120,559 bytes) rome_vatican_museum2.jpg (116,528 bytes) rome_vatican_museum.jpg (57,214 bytes)
rome_vatican_museum3.jpg (66,150 bytes) rome_vatican_museum6.jpg (133,178 bytes) rome_vatican_museum5.jpg (142,969 bytes)
The Vatican Museum. On the bottom left, I'm looking out of a window of the museum. On the bottom center, one of the many ornate ceilings.
rome_vatican_museum4.jpg (135,220 bytes) The main attraction of the Vatican Museum: the Sistine Chapel! Here's a sneaky picture of the ceiling. Hey, whose nose is that?
rome_forum.jpg (141,370 bytes) rome_forum2.jpg (97,814 bytes)
rome_forum3.jpg (112,904 bytes) rome_forum4.jpg (147,973 bytes)
The Roman Forum, where Rome started and Julius Ceasar hung out. The bottom right photo is an excellent view of ancient Rome.
rome_forum_arch.jpg (128,821 bytes) Guess what? Another arch! This one is near the forum.
rome_colleseum_out.jpg (114,814 bytes) rome_colleseum_out2.jpg (115,906 bytes)
rome_colleseum_out3.jpg (104,590 bytes)
rome_colleseum.jpg (162,630 bytes)
rome_colleseum2.jpg (150,598 bytes) rome_colleseum3.jpg (164,126 bytes)
rome_colleseum4.jpg (101,794 bytes) rome_colleseum5.jpg (157,295 bytes)
rome_colleseum6.jpg (121,357 bytes) rome_colleseum7.jpg (141,814 bytes)

The Colleseum, the most impressive site in Rome. I rushed back to get some pictures of the outside, which is difficult, considering all the modern buildings surrounding it.

There is some recent construction where the original floor of the Colleseum was, so you can walk across to the opposite side. Few of the original seats remain, but some are visible as big white blocks in the the second photo from the bottom on the left.

rome_st_peters.jpg (129,560 bytes) rome_st_peters3.jpg (104,816 bytes)
rome_st_peters2.jpg (185,339 bytes)

We are gathered outside St. Peter's to listen to the Pope! (What are you looking at, Fran?) You can see him on the TV in the upper right photo, or look under the red tarp, and you'll see the Pope in the center: