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The most famous arch of all! The Arc de Triomphe! About twelve different streets intersect here into a circle around the arch, creating total chaos. Fortunately, there is a pedestrian tunnel going under the street.
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The opera house. Many famous composers are featured on the outside of the building.

paris_notre_dame.jpg (120,351 bytes) paris_notre_dame2.jpg (110,169 bytes) paris_notre_dame3.jpg (100,772 bytes) Notre Dame in the rain.
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The inside of Notre Dame.
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The Eiffel Tower at night. In the first photo, you can see the spinning light emanating from the top of the tower. In the bottom center photo, the blurry spots are raindrops. I rushed back to the tower to get a daytime shot of it.
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Views from the Eiffel Tower. A soccer game was going on in the upper right photo. Can you spot the Ferris wheel?
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The tomb of Napoleon. Yes, that is Napoleon in a toga on the upper right. The center pictures are of the ceiling, and the bottom two are the coffin with his remains.
paris_dome.jpg (119,780 bytes) paris_triangle.jpg (62,859 bytes) Miscellaneous buildings. The one on the left is a church.
paris_oblesk.jpg (77,190 bytes) paris_wheel.jpg (118,039 bytes) In the center of Paris, we have Place de la Concorde, with its ancient Egyptian obelisk and Ferris wheel.
paris_flame.jpg (114,223 bytes) This flame is a copy of the one from the Statue of Liberty and a gift from America to France. It is unfortunately located just outside the tunnel where Princess Diana was fatally wounded, so many tourists think that it is dedicated to her. That's why you see flowers and various people hanging around it. The Eiffel Tower can be seen in the distance.
paris_hagen_daas.jpg (143,893 bytes) Hagen Daas in Paris. At least I knew where the camera was.
paris_moulin_rouge.jpg (96,436 bytes) paris_moulin_rouge2.jpg (113,392 bytes) The Moulin Rouge. Our show was just down the street.
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The dinner before the cabaret show, with extra rare steak. That's an excellent picture of Kathryn and me!
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Hanging around in the hotel bar after the show. The bottom right is the result of Paul holding the camera at arm's length and taking a picture.
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This is just outside Paris at Vimy Ridge. This monument was constructed by the Canadians to honor those lost during World War I. A very peaceful scene with lots of sheep grazing.