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St. Goar, a tiny town on the bank of the Rhine.

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Views of St. Goar. The upper right picture is our hotel. A foggy castle is on the lower left (you can barely make out the "HOTEL" sign on it).
germany_wine_tasting.jpg (59,053 bytes) germany_wine_tasting3.jpg (107,754 bytes) germany_wine_tasting2.jpg (107,009 bytes) Wine tasting in a cellar. Yes, those are wine bottles used as candle holders. The old guy in the yellow jacket says, "Wine gets better with age. Just like men."
germany_hotel_bar.jpg (99,996 bytes) Goofing around in the hotel.
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Miscellaneous pictures of the Rhine, a castle, and the inside of our bus in case you're curious.

Munich, a much larger city.

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Some nice architecture. That's a close-up of the statue in the center of the three arches with me at the bottom.
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The BMW museum, shaped like a carburetor! I'm standing just outside the museum, with the Olympic Stadium's tower in the background. Hey, could that red contraption be a Smart Car prototype?
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Some views of Olympic Stadium. Well, not really the stadium itself, but the area around it and its weird buildings. Here is a real "olympic size swimming pool."
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The Glockenspiel! Oh, the thrill of listening to chimes and watching little figures twirl around!
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The gruelling St Peter's tower with over 400 steps! Let's climb it and take pictures! Notice the Glockenspiel in pictures 6 and 7.

germany_tower.jpg (63,606 bytes)

germany_mime.jpg (55,608 bytes) No, it's not a statue. It's a street performer who will do amusing things for deutsche marks!
germany_restaurant.jpg (108,148 bytes) germany_pork_knuckle.jpg (82,144 bytes) A tasty restaurant with a brass pig holding the door open. I had a fish plate. Jimmy had the pork knuckle, pictured here.
germany_hauf10.jpg (108,372 bytes) germany_hauf11.jpg (111,643 bytes) germany_hauf12.jpg (107,380 bytes) The Hofbräuhaus, a huge beer hall! Check out the size of those mugs!
germany_hauf5.jpg (146,981 bytes) germany_hauf8.jpg (74,338 bytes) My table at the Hofbräuhaus.
germany_hauf.jpg (125,493 bytes) germany_hauf2.jpg (124,387 bytes)
germany_hauf3.jpg (121,940 bytes)
germany_hauf4.jpg (108,404 bytes)
Incredible, but true! Here is a close-up from the picture on the upper left. Pablo's hand is stuck in the mug handle! It took some beer lubrication to finally free it.
germany_hauf6.jpg (92,292 bytes) germany_hauf7.jpg (99,553 bytes) germany_hauf9.jpg (90,237 bytes) "Get down from there!"