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austria_mountains.jpg (62,033 bytes) austria_mountains2.jpg (63,647 bytes) austria_mountains3.jpg (85,836 bytes) Austrian mountains, as seen through the glare of the bus window.
austria_alley.jpg (78,060 bytes) austria_building.jpg (90,991 bytes) austria_fountain.jpg (95,575 bytes) The streets of Innsbruck.
austria_tower_stairs.jpg (38,082 bytes) austria_tower_view1.jpg (116,992 bytes)
austria_tower_view2.jpg (106,445 bytes) austria_tower_view3.jpg (107,587 bytes)
austria_tower_view4.jpg (130,186 bytes) austria_tower_view5.jpg (110,411 bytes)

All right, another tower to climb! This one only has about 100 steps. The first picture on the left is looking down the steps of the tower. The rest are views from the tower.

austria_tower.jpg (64,381 bytes)

austria_hotel.jpg (72,623 bytes) austria_room.jpg (55,493 bytes) austria_wood_building.jpg (63,604 bytes) The hotel in the tiny town of Itter, and a wooden building next to it.
austria_dinner.jpg (45,672 bytes) austria_dinner2.jpg (46,361 bytes) A couple of dinner photos.
austria_gals.jpg (82,750 bytes) austria_gals2.jpg (125,430 bytes) austria_guys.jpg (101,972 bytes) Group photos of all the gals and the guys, featuring Doody's chest hair.
austria_limbo.jpg (41,601 bytes) austria_limbo2.jpg (35,718 bytes)
austria_limbo3.jpg (69,037 bytes) austria_limbo4.jpg (65,237 bytes)
Limbo (and an active fog machine)! Nice effort by Jason.