Amber's El Capitan '92 Reunion Photos

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Amy Connole (33,840 bytes) Becky, Shawna, and Smiley (52,537 bytes) Brad and Amber Dawn (44,006 bytes) Bree and Krissy (56,886 bytes) Chey and Robert (44,156 bytes)
Christine and Steven Bishop (56,128 bytes) Diana (46,470 bytes) End of night group (75,102 bytes) Eric and Aaron (60,619 bytes) Jim and Group (60,625 bytes)
Jim, Brad, and girls dancing (68,643 bytes) Jr High Classmates (70,962 bytes) Kelly O and Aaron (59,700 bytes) Krissy and Eric (53,399 bytes) Krissy, Diana, and Audra (49,881 bytes)
Krissy, Kelly O, etc (57,566 bytes) Krissy, Ritchie, Chey (68,269 bytes) On the way out (72,230 bytes) Smiley (51,322 bytes) The Girls (65,861 bytes)
Trish and Mark (49,422 bytes) Two tall men and a shortie (59,113 bytes)