Good evening.  I am Brad, Brian’s younger brother and I am honored to be the best man in this ceremony.  I’d like to thank all of you for coming here tonight.  After hearing of the great distances that many of you have traveled, suddenly the trip from San Diego to LA doesn’t seem so bad.

I’ve known Brian since… well… all my life.  My elder and wiser brother has played a huge role in my life.  I recall standing beneath the sign of Brian’s high school... my Dad taking a picture of me under a sign reading “El Capitan High School,” then below it, were carefully arranged capital letters which spelled out:  “BOGGAMANIA:”  a word that materialized from the entire school’s fascination with this man’s abilities.  In track and field competition, he became the human cannon, launching a huge steel ball over 60 ft.  And while tuning his athletic prowess, he hit the books hard as a scholar.  The recipient of countless awards, the role model of many, Brian became the valedictorian of his high school.  (And that’s when high schools just had one valedictorian!)

Now despite this scholarliness… and unknown to most, there is a wild side to Brian.  [Pause.]  No, I’m kidding.  There is no wild side.  However, there is a jovial, playful guy hidden behind that stoic countenance.  He is capable of incredible wit and unmatched spontaneous humor.  He taught me how to make school more bearable by using imagination to transform teachers into superheroes who graced the covers of comic books.  He taught me that when things get you down, there is no greater release from the shackles of reality than humor and imagination.

Now… we are a quiet family.  But we embrace life in our own quiet way.  This is shown by Brian’s escape from the desolation of Lakeside into Los Angeles of all places, which few of his peers would have predicted.  In L.A., Brian became acquainted with fellow mountain biking and dragon boating enthusiasts.  Immediately after one particular dragon boating excursion, Barry introduced Brian to Tina.  Exhausted and covered in sweat after rigorous dragon boat racing is perhaps not quite the environment in which you would imagine meeting your future wife.  But, this is how they met.  And honestly, I think that’s great.  This shows you how love can storm into your life when you least expect it.  The story of Brian and Tina is about rising above and moving beyond the comfortable routines of your life.  It’s about leaving the comfort of your hometown and finding your new home.  Brian has found his new home here with Tina, and I’ve never seen him happier than he is today.

When first meeting Tina, I immediately felt the strength of the connection between Tina & Brian.  Despite different backgrounds, and different experiences, they are very much the same.  Both quiet, yet strong, and both very intelligent.  When Brian eventually told me that he was considering revamping his music collection to include music that Tina likes and not just his familiar collection of progressive rock, well… I knew there was serious relationship forming.

Ultimately, all that matters in life is following the direction of your heart.  And the common direction of two hearts is what leads us to this ceremony today.

The marriage of Brian & Tina is a union of two hearts and a fusion of two cultures.  Marrying this beautiful, remarkable woman from Taiwan is the greatest event of my brother’s life. 

Please, raise your glasses.  To Brian & Tina:  on the beginning of a new life together: may you fill each other’s heart with warmth everyday.  And as husband and wife, may you forever share that warmth with loved ones.  To the happy couple!  Gan-bei!